Centennial, CO 

Having many practitioners can help you get the best care. We have 5 different people in our office (and a chiropractic office next door) to help you get to optimal health. We are a true wellness community and love to partner together to help our clients. 

We believe that you really do need to consider Mind, Body and Spirit in order to achieve full results.

Benefits of having multiple practitioners: 

 1) Multiple Minds – Let’s face it, one person can’t know everything and multiple people means multiple perspectives on how to help your body, mind and health. There can also be issues with seeing multiple practitioners, but that’s why it’s very important to pick your practitioners carefully and make sure they are communicating on a regular basis. 

2) Different modalities – There are different levels of the body.  A naturopath primarily works on the physical.  An acupuncturists works on the meridians, which is the vital level of the body. A therapist and a phycologist works on the mental level. A pastor prays with you and works on the supervital and supermental.  It is important to address all levels of the body to achieve ultimate health. Seeing only one practitioner i.e. a chiropractor is like only eating meats and expecting your body to get all the nutrients it needs to support a healthy body.

If you are looking to add another practitioner to maximize your health, here are a few within the office:

  • Life. Health. Happiness. – Specializing in Naturopathy and Nutrition. I find the root cause of illness and remove the obstacles that are creating the symptom(s) or disease on a physical, genetic, mental, and spiritual level. Call to schedule an appointment with Maddie – 303-619-0499
  • The Whisper Within – Acupuncture & Energy Work
    Acupuncture is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) technique over 3000 years old. It involves the insertion of very fine sterile, disposable needles at specific points in the body to work with the Qi (Chinese term for energy or life force). This is usually painless and without side effects. Patients find the treatments deeply relaxing and nourishing.
    Call 720-722-4337 or email Casey@the-whisper-within.com to schedule.
  • Choose Life 2 Live – Specializing in balancing hormones (both female and male), and looking at the complete picture of your thyroid, adrenal health and overall wellness. Becca 303-619-0499
  • Oasis Center for Wellness – Ozone detox in a steam sauna. The steam opens the pores to facilitate maximum absorption of the Ozone to detox the body. 303-961-9111
  • Joyful Living – Cleanse the Soul, unhealthy mindsets, reactive emotions, and traumas of life. Sessions are facilitated by prayer.  Call Joy to schedule – 720-594-0352
  • Watts Chiropractic (next door) – Watts Chiropractic is a Blair Chiropractic facility that promotes preventive healthcare. Blair is a specialized version of upper cervical chiropractic care. Call 303-263-5052 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jason Watts.

Be sure to come to our Meet the Practitioners event on Aug 25th from 12:00-4:00pm. Everyone will be there and can answer any questions you might have! This free event will be fun, educational and we will have snacks and raffles too. It is a kid-friendly event, so bring the whole family! 

In Health and Happiness,