Diet is a crucial element to a healthy lifestyle and long exhilarating life. There is no perfect diet for everyone and it will change and adapt through life. The diet you have today will not be the same as when trying to conceive or training for an athletic event. Instead of questioning nutritional gurus about diet, start asking your body.
Our body speaks to us through symptoms. Symptoms or disease are not necessarily “bad,” but instead are clues that our body is not working optimally. At Life. Health. Happiness. we believe that your body and mind are drawn to a certain way of eating, but that can be altered based on other elements that are happening in life. Our body speaks to us and we must learn how to listen. As humans, sometimes we are taught poor patterning or poor food choices based on our environment and those habits may need to be changed.
When evaluating your diet, your diet should not:
  • Cause poor digestion including gas, bloating, any pain along the digestive tract, heartburn, diarrhea, or constipation
  • Physical discomforts including arthritis, fatigue, poor muscle mass, etc.
  •  Cause excess weight or weight loss
  •  Block your health, activity, or ability to work
  •  Create a sense of irritability, fatigue, or any mood changes
  •  Cause guilt, worry, or confusion
A good diet should support your health, activity, work, and spiritual self. It should restore your health if you have lost it. It should make you feel light and help you feel clean. The diet should keep your weight at a comfortable and stable place. It should support your overall energy level. It should be enjoyable and make you feel nourished. If you feel like it is a good time to change your diet, we at Life. Health. Happiness. are happy to help people explore and find the right diet for them through the use of diet exploration, education, and mindfulness.
Life. Health. Happiness.
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