There is a rebirth of mindfulness. At the heart of it all is being present and aware. Eating mindfully is a huge way to increase your overall health including digestion. Follow these tips and you will be on your way to benefiting from mindful eating.
1)      Take Time to Eat.  In this rushed world it can be difficult, but try your best to set aside 15 minutes to actually EAT!
2)      Sit Down.  Try your best to sit down and eat.  Try not to eat on the go, but sit down with your food in front of you. Sitting with good posture actually improves your digestion.
3)      Turn off Distractions.  Put away cell phones, turn off the TV, put away work, and just eat.
4)      Take a few deep breaths.  You can smell the food or just take a moment of silence to be present and give thanks for the food put in front of you.
5)      Take a few minutes to reflect upon your body.  Are you stressed?  Are you angry?  What is going on in your body.
6)      Chew your food.  Digestion starts in the mouth, so make sure that the food spends plenty of time here… not to mention this is where your taste buds are and food is DELICOUS!!!
7)      Put down your utensils between bites. This not only increases the likelihood of chewing your food, but also allows for you to focus on the moment, the taste, and the smells.
8)      Pay attention to the food.  What are the tastes, smells, textures… can you taste every element of the food you are eating.
9)      Pay attention to your body.  Many people worry about overeating or not eating enough, listen to your body and give your body enough time to respond. There will be a moment when your body answers your question about how much food you needed… listen to your body, not your plate.
Mindful eating does not have to be difficult and in this rushed, hectic world, it might not happen everyday with every meal, but it can be a goal to incorporate these tips several times per week.  The more you are mindful about 1-2 meals, the more you will increase the mindfulness and presence in each moment.
Life. Health. Happiness.


Health and Happiness (^_^)