Ralph Waldo Emerson said “Life is about the journey, not the destination.”  This is true in life and on the road of healing.  It is common in western medicine for people to travel from doctor’s office to doctors office trying to receive a diagnosis and hopefully a treatment plan that works for them.
I was once talking with a wonderful woman and she was so excited because she had finally found a doctor who gave her a diagnosis. “You had Sheehan’s Syndrome that has led to hypopituitarism.” The woman had been through several doctors and tried some treatments, but always stopped because the doctors could not give her a diagnosis. I asked her if any of the treatments made her feel better and she said that she responded well to one, but the doctor did not understand why it was working.   That made her uncomfortable and she stopped the treatment and went to a different doctor.  After going through eight different doctors, she was ecstatic that she now had a label for her disease.  My next question was, so how are you and the doctor going to treat the disease… she was not sure.  The doctor had referred her to a specialist.
After talking with her a while longer, I realized that she was overly obsessed with knowing the diagnosis that she had forgotten the information she had learned along the way. In addition, she was so concerned with knowing the diagnosis, that she no longer knew the basic things that made her feel better including food, rest, and environment.  She NEEDED the answer…  and that was the ONLY thing that mattered. Looking at “ancient” forms of medicine, there were no “clinical diagnosis” or ICD 10 codes.   I believe that practitioners focused on the treatment on balance and bio-individuality of the patient more than the diagnosis of kapha imbalance or spleen deficiency.  The client was given tasks or remedies to take to improve what was going on in their body and reconnect.  The emphasis was on the journey of self-discovery and healing.
My challenge for anyone who is currently with illness is to enjoy the journey of regaining your health.  Be present in every moment.  It is not about the diagnosis, it is not about being healed, but it is to learn and reconnect with yourself though every step of your journey.  Set the goals and intentions of healing and then be at peace that healing will occur.
Life. Health. Happiness.


Health and Happiness