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I have had many people ask me…why do you care so much about health and helping people? I have always been interested in helping people along with health and nutrition.  Even before I became “crunchy” I would look through mainstream health magazines and clip out meal and snack ideas.  In my first jobs, I would give others nutrition advice based on what i knew back then.  When I decided to quit my job, I asked my boss what she thought I would be good at… and she replied “Something in the health field, like nutrition”. Through my own health issues I found that western doctors would only prescribe medications, which was not getting to the root cause, it was just suppressing symptoms. Through my own health journey, I learned a lot. I am a better wife, mom and friend when eating for optimal nutrition (Yes, I do have slip-ups too.)  I was able to heal my body through nutrition, detoxification, and proper supplementation. Through my journey I felt led to help many others and that is why I started Life Health Happiness. BUT it takes time and a lot of motivation to achieve what you want

One of the biggest factors I find that people struggle with is the fact that taking care of yourself is hard.  HOWEVER, if you have the proper motivation, NOTHING is impossible.  What is your motivation to be healthy? Is it your kids, your spouse, your partner, parents or just yourself? What makes you decide to make healthier choices? Are you sick of not feeling your best? It is easy to run through a drive-thru or grab something quick instead of making healthier meals at home, but how do you feel after eating that drive-thru food or a food you know doesn’t agree with you?

You really need to dig deep and decide your “WHY.” Why do you want to eat better and what do you want to achieve? Make a list. Write it down. Post it places as a reminder when things “get tough.”

I have found that loving yourself is key to making good choices. Do you truly love yourself? It’s ok if you say no, we can work on that. “Positive affirmations – it plants healing thoughts and ideas that support you in developing self-confidence, self esteem, peace of mind and inner joy.” – Louise Hay

I encourage you to try this mirror work – Stand in front of a mirror and look into your eyes. Say, ”I see you. You’re beautiful. I love you.” See what comes up. It may be hard at first, but it can help. Try it for 21 days and see if you notice a change.  

More mirror gazing information – https://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-28122/a-mirrorgazing-routine-to-inspire-fierce-selflove.html

Top Tips to Help Motivate and Support you: 

  1. Plan out your week. Sunday is a great day to plan your week. This might mean meal, snack and workout planning. It will feel great to have a plan! 
  2. You need to track your progress. Get a paper calendar and after you plan your workouts then you need to write them on the calendar. Once completed, cross them out…it will help you see the progress you have made. 
  3. Find your Happiness. This might seem like an overwhelming task, but try and figure out what really makes you happy or “lights you up”. When you are in a better mindset you will make healthier choices. 
  4. Practice Gratitude. When you wake up in the morning say or write down 3 things you are grateful for. Your bed, the fact that you have a roof over your head, that you are making progress on your health journey. You get the idea! 
  5. Get Help. If getting to ultimate health was super easy we would all be where we want to be. Ask for help whether it is from your spouse or your kids. Kids love helping in the kitchen or garden. And as always, you know where to find me should you have any health questions. I am here for you!  


In health and happiness,


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