There is some question as to whether the “Man Flu” is actually worse than when a women have the flu. We will try and shed some light on this subject (and hopefully not offend anyone). There are several commercials showing women “powering” through their days when they are sick, and then show a man in bed moaning and groaning.

According to Wikipedia, the Man flu is a phrase that refers to the idea that men, when they have a common cold, experience and self-report symptoms of greater severity, similar to those experienced during the flu. 

Oxford defines it as “a cold or similar minor ailment as experienced by a man who is regarded as exaggerating the severity of the symptoms.”

A survey by a popular magazine found that men reported taking longer to recover from flu-like illnesses than women (three days vs. 1.5 days).

According to research, it is possible that men actually experience respiratory viral illnesses differently than women. Testosterone may play a role on the immune response. On average, women experienced the higher antibody counts than men. Men with the highest levels of testosterone tended to have a lower antibody response, and thus experienced a more intense cold. Men with lower testosterone levels did not experience as intense of an illness. This testing revealed that man flu is plausible.

Male or female, nobody enjoys being sick.  We should all do what we can to prevent colds and the flu while limiting spreading germs. Proper hand washing, boosting the immune system and avoiding others while sick are good first steps.

Here are some other ways to help if the “man flu” is in your house. 

  • Lots of rest
  • Be patient, loving and know that nobody likes to be sick 
  • Stay hydrated 
  • Add bone broth (think chicken soup)
  • Drink ginger tea
  • Eat garlic – mince two cloves and eat
    • Or add to honey
  • Take zinc – it can reduce the length of the cold
  • Increase Vitamin C
  • Add Elderberry syrup
  • Probiotics 

In health and happiness,