No matter how you eat, there are several key points that everyone can follow to increase nutrition and overall health within the body.

  • Eat more whole foods (watermelons, apples, spinach, potatoes, ect). Our body is made to digest whole complete foods, rich in nutrients and full of vitamins and minerals.
  • Eat less processed food (fast foods, packaged foods, crackers, ect.) Processed foods have been manipulated during the manufacturing process and the body has a more difficult time digestion OR in some cases an EASIER time digesting these foods.  Sometimes processed foods contain proteins that the body does not fully recognize. In other cases, the food has been “pre-digested” allowing the body to quickly absorb the food that can result in weight gain.
  • Drink water. Listen to your body and allow your body to tell you how much and how often to drink water, BUT make sure that you are taking in water!!!
  • Be as natural as you can be. This is a hard one because there are so many elements that can disrupt “natural.”  Make it simple.  Think about it from the standpoint of our forefathers… if they did not use it, or if the animals did not have it WAY back when, try to remove it from your diet.
  • Seasonal Foods. By eating seasonally, one increases the chances of having the freshest food possible.  Once food has been picked from the vine, it begins to decrease nutritional value.
  • Local Foods. By eating local foods, you are supporting your local economy, increasing nutrients in fresh foods, AND decrease pollution by decreasing the length of food delivery.
  • Try to prepare food the way we used to. Standard methods of cooking sometimes deplete the food of its nutrients.  For example, blanching collard green can actually increase bioavailability of vitamins and decrease oxalitic acid (antinutrient).  Fermenting, drying, and pickling are all excellent ways to preserve the food.

Whether you choose to be vegan, vegetarian, or paleo, just eat healthy and eat for your body.  There is no perfect diet for everybody, so learn to listen to your body and try to stick to basics.


Life. Health. Happiness.

Health and Happiness (^_^)