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Englewood's Nutrition Specialists Explain Why High Protein Diets Can Be Counterproductive, Inverness, Colorado

High protein diets are trending around the country, but do they actually work? According to the nutrition experts at Life. Health. Happiness., a holistic health center in Englewood, CO, too much protein can be counterproductive to fat loss. To provide a thorough understanding, the specialists explain the theory behind the diet as well as how the human body reacts to it on a chemical level.

The theory behind the diet is that high amounts of protein keep you full longer because you are breaking down protein into amino acids.  While your body is breaking down these complex structures, it forces your body to burn extra energy, fat cells, to fuel the body. If you’re full, you won’t want to eat, but your body will still need energy, so it’ll turn to your reserve of fat. In theory, this is a brilliant, but our bodies were expertly designed.

Englewood's Nutrition Specialist Explain Why High Protein Diets Can Be Counterproductive | Life. Health. Happiness in Englewood, COOur body can use two things for fuel, ketones (fat) or glucose.  One of the problems with high protein diets is that when your body has excess protein, it will turn the protein into glucose. Typically, your body creates glucose from carbohydrates, but a process called gluconeogenesis allows glucose production to take place from non-carbohydrates such as excess protein.

The thought process behind a high protein diet is based on the fact that glucose is created from carbohydrates and a high protein diet doesn’t allow for excess carbs. However, the overlooked process of gluconeogenesis may result in increased fat production. When your body has extra glucose, it turns the glucose into fat.  It does not matter if the glucose is from carbohydrates or protein. Gluconeogenesis doesn’t  guarantee that a high protein diet won’t benefit you, but it does mean that you need to pay attention to how much protein your body needs and ensure that you are not eating too much protein.  The nutrition specialists at Life. Health. Happiness. can help you determine your protein needs.

If you’re struggling with stubborn body fat, consider taking a holistic approach with the help of Life. Health. Happiness. The nutrition therapists can help create a personalized approach to weight loss no matter which diet interests you.  They will help by identifying the imbalances that may be causing your struggles. Begin your journey by learning more about their nutrition therapy on their website or by calling (303) 619-0499.