The greatest outbreak of Ebola has taken place in West Africa and a few cases have begun to show up in countries such as the United States, Norway, Germany, Spain, France, and England.  These cases in the other countries have been from doctors or travelers who were in West Africa(USA Today).  The greatest way to fight any disease is to understand it.  The Ebola virus is believed to be hosted in fruit bats and is spread through body fluids of any infected host.  Once the symptoms of high fever, swelling, rash, extreme fatigue and nausea have begun in humans, the virus can then be spread through skin contact.

Like most viruses, it attacks the immune cells.  Once the immune system is compromised the virus spreads throughout the body attacking internal tissue and creating blood clots.  As different organs begin to fail due to lack of nutrients from blood clots, the body creates a large amount of cytokines which are small signaling proteins, resulting in cytokine storm.  The symptoms of these storms are high fever, swelling and redness, extreme fatigue, and nausea- Ebola symptoms. These storms result in the cell confusion and the body attacking itself which increases the potential of death(The Malaysia Insider). Ebola kills up to 90% of the people it infects and there is not a current vaccine or known cure(Sircus).

The above information may seem frightening, but there are easy things you can do for prevention and immune support.  Diseases tend to strike populations that are malnourished.  Our immune system must be properly fed in order to fight off infection whether it is Ebola or the flu.  One of the best ways to decrease the risk of disease is to properly support the immune system(Sircus).

Vitamin C is important for tissue and cell repair.  It is also used as an antioxidant to help decrease free radical damage.  No viral infection that has been tried has been proven to be resistant to the proper dosing of vitamin C as classically demonstrated by Klenner(Sircus).

Selenium is a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It is the mineral found within glutathione and is used by the immune system to prevent the formation of harmful free radicals.  It has been shown to decrease and help fight the cytokine storms(Sircus).

Recent research on Vitamin D has shown that it does more than just assist with the absorption of calcium.  People who are deficient in Vitamin D have been shown to be at higher risk for osteoporosis, heart disease, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and infectious diseases such the seasonal flu.  It is important for immune support because it helps white blood cells to mature(The Nutrition Source).

Trace minerals are needed in small amounts within our bodies. Trace minerals include copper, fluoride, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, and more.  They are important for the development of immune system for T cells and antibody production.  Improper balance or inadequate amounts of these trace minerals can lead to susceptibility of infection(Maggini S, Wintergerst ES, Beveridge S, Hornig DH).

The best way to fight off Ebola or any disease is to increase your immune system.

Within my practice I recommend eating foods rich with the nutrients mentioned along with all natural supplements created by Physica Energetics, which include Ester-C, Solray D Liposome Spray, and Spectralyte. These supplements include all of the nutrients listed above.

Before starting a supplement regiment please contact a licensed or certified practitioner to determine if the supplements will be helpful or necessary for your treatment.  Improper use of supplements can be harmful and should be used under the supervision of a practitioner.

Please contact Life. Health. Happiness. or Don’t Give Up Fitness and Nutrition for further information. 303-619-0499

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