July 27, 2017

Inverness, Arapahoe
Do You Have the Warrior Gene?, Inverness, Colorado

How a person responds to stress and their aggression — whether in business, sports, or their personal life — may be partially dictated by their genes. Human behavior is influenced by a variety of factors, including genes, environment, circumstances, and upbringing. In recent years, researchers and holistic health experts have begun shedding light on personal variance in genetic factors and their contributions to aggression. This research has lead to the discovery of a genetic mutation now known as “the warrior gene.”

What Is the Warrior Gene?

Studied widely by scientists, geneticists, and holistic health professionals, the warrior gene is a variant of the MAO-A gene on the X chromosome, and one of many genes that play a role in behavioral responses as well as detoxification factors. This variant reduces MAO-A functionality, leading to a potential of increased aggression, risk-taking behavior, difficulty calming down, and mental health issues including anxiety, autism, and other impulse disorders.   However, if there is one thing that science has taught us, it is that there is a complexity of the human brain, experts are unable to determine the precise likelihood of these potential issues in those who possess the warrior gene.

The Happiness Gene

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Further studies indicate that the warrior gene may have a different effect in women. A study of 152 men and 193 women evaluated happiness levels and showed that women with the gene variant rated their levels significantly higher than those who did not. The study found no differentiation among the male participants.

You Are Not Your Genes

It’s important to remember that genes do not necessarily dictate your behavioral responses even if you do carry certain genetics.  All genes have cofactors and inhibiting agents that can affect how quickly and efficiently the genes activated.  By giving your body the correct cofactors, living a healthy lifestyle physically and mentally, you can help to dictate how your genes are displayed.  It is important to realize that there are ways around the genes that cause undesirable outcomes. You alone have the power to overcome genetic impulses and alter potential outcomes. And holistic health can help!

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