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Discover the History & Benefits of Oil Pulling From Your Local Holistic Health Center, Inverness, Colorado

In addition to its overall health benefits, oil pulling has a fascinating history of helping people recover from illnesses. Life. Health. Happiness.wants to teach you more about this ancient Ayurvedic form of therapy. Located in Centennial, CO, this esteemed holistic health center believes in the power of oil pulling to benefit the body both oral and systemic.

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Oil pulling is a holistic health remedy that involves holding and swooshing oil in your mouth.  According to Ayurvedic medicine, people who have mouth ulcers, fever, indigestion, those who have tendency to vomit, asthma, cough, and thirst should not brush their teeth and oil pulling should be used exclusively.  This Ayurvedic therapy has long been valued for its ability to make the teeth, gums, and jaw more vigorous and has been used to relieve several different oral issues, such as tooth decay, bleeding gums, and cracked lips.

Traditionally, oil pulling has been done with sunflower and sesame oils because both are rich in nutrients and minerals.  Oil pulling may help improve up to 30 unique conditions, including chronic migraines, asthma, and diabetes.  Ayurveda believes that you can purify the entire system because each section of the tongue is connected to different organ.

There are several different methods of oil pulling, too — Gandusha and Kavala Graha being the most popular. With Gandusha, you fill your mouth completely with oil, hold it in for three to five minutes, and then release it. In the Kavala Graha method, you take in slightly less oil and gargle it before expelling it. Regardless of the technique, oil pulling is advantageous for the body and mind alike.

When you’re ready to try alternative medicine, Life. Health. Happiness. will help you experience lasting relief. Give this holistic health center a call at (303) 619-0499 today to speak with a welcoming customer service representative about booking a health consultation. Visit them online to learn more about nutrition and detox services.