There are many modalities of healing and plenty of practitioners for each type of healing. How do you decide which modality to use and who to go see??? It is an important decision.  There are several elements to evaluate.

1. The modality.  It is important to hit all aspects of the “body.”  The physical, vital, and mental.  In order to fully recover from an illness, the body must make a transformation in all of these areas.  I believe that a “disease” has issues at all of these levels and you must work on correcting all of these areas to make a full recovery.  The modality (modalities) you choose should help transform all of these areas.  As far as what modalities you choose, one of the keys is to believe in the modality itself.  YOU (the patient) must believe and feel confident about the technique being practiced.  If the person is a good practitioner, they will find the root cause of the illness and be able to help you to remove the obstacles to cure- so that the body can restore itself.  If it is beyond their scope of practice or if additional assistance is needed, the practitioner has the obligation to recommend additional modalities.

2.  Emotionally.  Find a practitioner that makes you feel LOVED and CARED about.  Those are uncommon words used with a doctor and patient relationship, but I believe that in order for a person to be able to recover, there must be respect, understanding, and the doctor must make the patient feel important.  A doctor should listen and understand your symptoms from your perspective.  Listening is an important key to being a practitioner.

3. Collaboration.  I believe that health care relationship is a collaboration. It is up to the doctor to have the knowledge, but then the doctors and the patient should to work together to find the solutions together.  After all, this is your health and you need to be able to accomplish the tasks given by the practitioner.

4.   Knowledge.  Do you feel confident in the knowledge of the practitioner?  Do you believe in their ability to help you with your current problem or situation? I have heard it said that the average general practitioner is 17 years behind in research.  Do not be afraid to ask questions and do your own research about conditions.  I always recommend to my clients that they should research and let me know if they find something that I have not.  I am one person and there is a LOT of research and studies.

5.   The Office.  When you walk into the practitioner’s office how do you feel?  Is it a healing atmosphere.  A practitioner’s office should be a place of healing and there should be a sense of peace in the air.  How do you feel when you are in the office? What is the staff like?  The staff is the extension of the practitioner and the people they choose to surround themselves with speaks volumes.

When it comes to picking a good practitioner, do not settle.  Look for the best.  Ask questions.  Check in with your gut and make sure that person speaks to you.


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