Mission Statement

Everyone is on a unique health journey and must be treated as an individual.  

At Life. Health. Happiness.  we help guide and support you towards your health goals.

Whether you are currently struggling with a minor illness or a debilitating disease—
our goal is to help you understand the ways you can support your body to remove the obstacles within your body.

This will allow your body to repair itself.

We Believe

  • The human body can repair itself naturally when given the right tools and put in the correct environment.
  • Everyone must be seen as an individual and must be given unique protocols based on their situation and life story.
  • The mind is a powerful tool in the healing process and must be used in conjunction with physical treatments.
  • Supporting the mental, physical, and emotional environments are essential to the healing process and disease prevention.
  • Everybody is capable of ultimate health.

Dr. Maddie Alas


Quantum Healing

Herbal Remedies


About Dr. Maddie alas

Dr. Maddie Alas has an abundance of knowledge in natural medicine including her Doctorate, PhD, and Masters in natural medicine.  In addition, she is a Certified Holistic Health Care Practitioner, Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, Certified Master Herbalist, and a Certified Biofeedback Practitioner.

Maddie began her health journey through her own health concerns. Conventional medicine’s only solution for her complaints were prescription medications. After several years of being on medications and seeing the symptoms become worse, she sought another path which led to nutrition.

Maddie always had a passion for nutrition and understands how to nourish the body to obtain optimal health. In hopes of helping others along their journey, she went to the Nutrition Therapy Institute and received her Nutrition Therapy Practitioner Certification.

After practicing nutrition, she soon realized that more knowledge was needed to help people with their health issues. The next step in her education was to learn Electro Dermal Screening according to or Voll using the Avatar Biofeedback machine.  As she began to incorporate this instrument into her practice, a whole new world of quantum possibilities opened and in 2014 led to the opening of Life. Health. Happiness. 

Maddie also studied herbalism and was trained by a Celtic Cherokee herbalist at the Sacred Owl School of Original Medicine, she now uses the physical and spiritual properties of herbs in her practice.

As her studies progressed, she began incorporating a type of functional medicine that looks at patterns in the labs. She reviews labs as part of her holistic practice to assess the body’s terrain.

Soon after, Maddie became fascinated by genetics and now guides people based on their genetic factors including MTHFR, HMNT, SHMT and MAO enzymes. By understanding the genetics of a person, she can better guide people and help them to understand why their bodies tend to resort to certain habits or patterns.

Genetics are not somebody’s destiny and they can be bypassed through the use of supplements, lifestyle, stress reduction, and emotional growth.

Dr. Maddie is constantly learning and furthering her education in order to keep up with current health trends including new modalities of treatment as well as any issues that are happening in the world for her clients benefit. 

Dr. Maddie specializes in guiding people on their health journey through the use of natural medicine, biofeedback, nutrition, intuition, and listening.

She believes that the relationship between the client and practitioner needs to provide a relaxed, loving environment for healing to take place.

Everything that occurs in life is a lesson to be learned and God will never give you more than you can handle. You will always be provided with the help and guidance you need.