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Are you looking to accelerate your health this summer? Are you confused with all the health advice out there and not sure what you should be doing? Here are a few good health hacks that will make a difference today!

1. Drink Clean Water and lots of it – The amount of water in the human body ranges from 50-75% and it is critical to stay hydrated since water is the primary building block of cells. I love the Kangen water filter. When you are in the office next be sure and try our water we have both reverse osmosis and the Kangen water machine. Our bodies do best when consuming water at a Ph of 8.5-9.5. Alkaline water is electrically-produced and is hydrogen-rich which helps to restore your body to a more alkaline state. A good place to start is by testing your water and see what types of toxins are located in your water.  Then look at which machines or filters remove those toxins best.  

2. Detox – We do need to detox because our bodies are overloaded with environmental toxins year round. Whether you fast, juice, take baths, sauna, or take supplements,  make sure you are doing something to support your body’s detox pathways.  (Think liver, lungs, skin, intestines, and lymphatic system). The Ultimate Detox Package is a great way to detox quickly and safely – https://lifehealthhappiness.com/special-promotions.
You can also try the ionic detox footbath which will remove toxins through your feet. Just call to schedule your 30 min appointment ($20 and you can bring a friend!). 303-619-0499

3. Smoothies – I like to supplement my nutrition with shakes to ensure I am getting all the extra nutrients I need, plus it is a time-saver when I am not able to make a meal. Vega is a plant-based protein powder that you can use that tastes good. You can also buy individual packets to make sure you like the flavor. (Affiliate) – https://amzn.to/2XjhXjJ

4. Adaptogens – Adaptogens are non-toxic herbs, roots and other plants that are meant to help the body resist physical, chemical and biological stress. Ashwagandha is one that can lower cortisol levels (stress), fight inflammation and promote sleep.

5. Sleep – During the summer we tend to not sleep as much. Be sure to get the suggested 7-9 hours (some people do require less). Try meditating before you go to sleep. Meditation helps you relax and get into sleep mode. You can find many meditation videos on youtube.com
but for now here’s a good one i like. https://aboutmeditation.com/podcast/guided-meditation-for-deep-sleep/

I also like to drink Holy Basil (also called Tulsi) tea before sleep. If you are on computers or looking at screens a lot make sure you are blocking out the blue light that can disrupt sleep. These glasses can help block out the harmful light. (Affiliate) https://amzn.to/2JbWe3m

6. Try CDB – If you haven’t tried CDB, then I encourage you to give it a try. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of over 100 compounds known as phytocannabinoids found in Cannabis sativa and a variety of other species distributed throughout the plant kingdom. CBD can help with sleep, pain and inflammation. We carry Quick Silver Scientific Colorado Hemp oil for its quick delivery system and potency.

Small things add up, so do something to boost your health today! Don’t forget to exercise.

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