Thank you for visiting Life. Health. Happiness. an alternative health practice. We specialize in natural medicine using a combination of Western, Eastern, and Mind-Body medicine.

Our Company’s Mission

Our goal is to assist the body in removing the obstacles to cure so that your body has the potential to heal itself.  ​Through our lives, we are exposed to a multitude of different toxins.

There are environmental toxins (heavy metals, chemical toxins, parasites, molds) and mental toxins (fear, grief, sadness, worry, stress).  

Both of these types of toxins can cause symptoms such as indigestion, acne, or bad breath and result in diseases including asthma, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and more.

The Secret to Limitless Health

In order to generate ultimate health, we must remove the obstacles that may contribute to the symptom(s) or disease on a physical, genetic, mental, and spiritual level.


At Life. Health. Happiness. we understand every body is unique, therefore we use bio-individuality to specifically optimize your health.

We see the body as a whole knowing that any change to one system will affect the other systems within the body.

Our ultimate goal is to remove or significantly reduce any health obstacle through gentle guidance, holistic health, education, genetics, functional medicine, functional lab testing, lifestyle adaption, nutritional changes to your diet, biofeedback, detoxification, nutritional supplements, herbal supplements, homeopathic remedies, and the most important steps- LISTENING and CARING.


We are a firm believer in mind-body and holistic medicine.

This philosophy takes into account the influential interactions between the mind and the body. Since the 1960’s there have been a growing number of studies that reveal the powerful affects that thoughts have upon the human body.

Different techniques such as meditation and just being positive have shown to improve the immune system, decrease blood pressure, lessen anxiety, reduce depression, and decrease the symptoms of diseases including HIV, cancer, and insomnia.

By elevating the level of your thoughts along with our comprehensive approach to health, you can achieve optimal health physically, mentally, and spiritually.